Getting Started

Theemo is a design-ops tool suite, consisting of multiple parts for design, automation and framework integration. It enhances your current workflow by automating parts of it an augmentations at necessary links.

The suite addresses designers and developers and aims to make their workflow more productive. Theemo connects to the collaborating interfaces, guiding through a structured process while allowing and adhering to the (already implemented) domain language.

For Designers

Theemo enhances your workflow by providing automation to design tools and with that offering access to consume your work in structured terms by developers. Assisting you to stay in your most productive workflow and pave the way for seemless transition to development.

Have a look at design section, what options are available.

For Developers

Theemo assists your workflow by offer toolchain support to automate the data exchange with designers and integrates that output with your framework of choice.

Set up the automation once and then maintain it with the minimal amount possible.